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The Jedi Awareness Certificate Program is a Program

The Jedi Awareness Certificate Program

Started Oct 18, 2017

$2,000 Enroll

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The Force had a range of powers that functioned in accordance to fundamental attributes that were cardinal in nature, and categorized by the way in which a user was able to focus on the Force while using an ability. The aspects of the Force were divided into Control, Sense, and Alter by the Jedi Order. Under these three themes were several core abilities, that could be expanded upon and changed, depending on the user. Stemming from the core ability were several different ways to manipulate the Force, some of them mainstream within the Jedi and Sith teachings, others personally developed and unique.

Center of Being
A Jedi centers himself in preparation for combat.

"Control is internal. It is the Jedi's ability to recognize the Force in himself and to use it to his benefit."
―Jedi Master Bodo Baas[src]
The Jedi Order's teaching method began with the aspect of Control, taught to Jedi Initiates as a way to open their minds to the Force and establish a base point for further development. The theme of Control was centered on the ability to control one's own body, as self control was the starting point for all Jedi teachings. Development of these skills would continue throughout a Jedi's life, as the basics of all other disciplines of Force use began here. One of the most well known side-effects of mastering the discipline of Control was prolonged life and the avoidance of decay.[2]

Three main abilities were centered around Control: tutaminis, curato salva, and altus sopor. These three umbrella abilities incorporated many of the abilities Jedi used throughout their service to the Republic.[2]

  • Alchaka
  • Art of Movement
  • Breath control
  • Center of Being
  • Detoxify Poison
  • Flashburn
  • Force Body
  • Force Enlightenment
  • Force ghost
  • Force healing[1]
  • Force speed
  • Force stealth (Also known as Force Concealment)
  • Hibernation trance