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Essentials of Hospitality is a Course

Essentials of Hospitality

Started Oct 15, 2020

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PROGRAM AT A GLANCE                                                 

Moments of Truth: How customers perceive their experience • Behaviour Standards: Top behaviours of successful professionals and examples of how they play out in real life • Effective Communication: How to get your message across and better connect with customers • Service Process: Key steps to service excellence and how to make them a reality every day • Overcoming Service Challenges

OTEC’s Service Excellence Dynamics eLearning course is developed with the most up-to-date service theories, best practices and tools. Complete with interactive quizzes and videos, it is a great program for those wishing to achieve excellence in the delivery of customer service in a self-study, flexible format


This dynamic and interactive, 60-minute eLearning course has been designed to help individuals acquire skills and knowledge necessary for creating memorable service experiences resulting in customer loyalty. Register now to complete and receive your Service Excellence Dynamics service professional certificate! 


At the end of this course, learners will: 

  • improve the level of professionalism of an ever changing tourism and hospitality industry.
  • educate and train productive and employable people in a global community.
  • provide consistent delivery of content so employers will have realistic expectations of graduates with a Certificate in Hospitality Studies